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Student Visa To PR Visa

Options to permanent residency after studying in Australia:

Some students come to Australia and fall in love with the country, deciding to stay and apply for a Permanent Residence Visa after finishing their studies.

When selecting a course, it is always necessary to consider the possibilities and chances of obtaining a permanent visa. A good place to start is to look at our occupation listings and determine which list(s) and visa you come under. Please keep in mind that, while your occupation may be on the list RIGHT NOW, it may be removed by the time you are eligible for a PR visa or another temporary visa that brings you one step closer to becoming a permanent resident.

Please keep in mind that, aside from the course you select, there are several additional aspects to consider, including:

  • Age
  • English language ability
  • Qualifications
  • Employment experience
  • Partner’s skills.

Pathways to Australian permanent residence:

Tens of thousands of students from all over the world select Australia as their destination for higher education each year. While many students return to their home countries after completing their studies, others choose to stay in Australia. However, in order to be allowed to call Australia home, each student must first successfully petition for permanent residency.

International students can choose from a variety of options. Which one is best for you will be decided by a variety of variables, including your qualification, English language skills, job history, and numerous other requirements. The three most frequent visa choices or paths are explained further below.

Post study work visa

Many candidates discover after completing their studies that they are not immediately eligible for permanent residency. This might be due to a lack of points for skilled migration or a lack of a sponsoring company or state government. Following their studies, many candidates in this circumstance find that the Post study work visa (subclass 485) is an appropriate visa.

The Post study work visa is typically a two-year visa with unlimited employment privileges. It is open to applicants who have completed two years of full-time study in Australia and are seeking the granting of certain credentials (normally a Bachelor degree or higher, but in some cases applicants who have completed a trade qualification may be eligible for the Graduate Stream of the subclass 485 visa).

The Post Study Work Visa is frequently used to assist in meeting the requirements for a permanent visa. This may be done by doing Australian work experience, for example, or by spending the time to improve English language skills in order to gain more points for skilled migration.

General skilled migration

Skilled migration is a scheme that provides permanent visa based on your talents and work experience without requiring you to be sponsored by an employer. There are several conditions that must be met, including skill and English language requirements, as well as a points exam.

Points for skilled migration are assigned depending on variables such as your age, English proficiency, job experience, and educational background. To satisfy the standards or add points to your application, you may need to acquire state government nomination in specific situations.

Employer sponsored visa

Employer-sponsored visa might be an alternative immigration route. When a candidate is unable to fulfil the standards for skilled migration, the next best alternative is employer sponsorship because the requirements are different and sometimes simpler to meet.

The employer-sponsored pathway frequently entails first getting a temporary visa (subclass 482), then working towards a permanent visa after working in Australia for at least three years for your sponsoring employer. This is not always necessary — in some circumstances, you may apply directly for permanent residency (186 visa), but employers frequently prefer the TSS 482 visa transitional option.

Which option:

Each visa choice and journey has benefits and drawbacks. There are several variables to consider before deciding which one is ideal for you. It is also important to keep in mind that Australian visa requirements change on a regular basis. It is strongly suggested that you employ the services of VisaEnvoy’s experienced, professional certified migration advisers to guarantee you have the highest chance of obtaining a permanent visa.

As a certified migration service, we encounter many students who have unhappily taken unethical advice from educational institutions or simply friends. It is critical to decide:

  1. The course you desired.
  2. GTE requirements to be fulfilled.
  3. College or university you desired for.
  4. The city/region in which you wish to study.

The second item is very essential if you are applying for a student visa from abroad, since it may enhance or reduce your chances of being granted a student visa. The third element is significant since a state may put your occupation on their state supported list and you may be able to apply for a permanent visa if you receive an invitation from them.

Depending on the degree you pick and the time you apply, you may be able to get a Graduate 485, 457, 186 ENS, 187 RSMS, State Sponsored 190, or Skilled Independent 189 Visa after completing a Trade, Vocational, or University course.