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485 Post Study Work Stream Visa

After-Study Work (PSWV) is a work visa that lasts between two and four years. A minimum of two academic years is required to complete a bachelor's, master's, or doctoral degree.

An excellent alternative for students who want to stay in Australia when they finish their education. For individuals who want to stay permanently in Australia, either through General Skilled Migration or through employer sponsorship, it is a great resource.

  • Post-study work visa does not have a list of occupations – specialisation is not important as long as your education is at the appropriate level.
  • The post-study employment visa does not require a skills evaluation.
  • The visa includes full employment and study rights. While the visa is valid, you can travel freely to and from Australia.

    To process a complete 485 visa application, it takes about 2-3 months.

VALIDITY PERIOD The duration of the visa depends on which studies have been completed as follows:

  • PhD: 4 years
  • Masters by Research: 3 years
  • Masters by Coursework or Bachelor Degree: 2 years
  • To see the latest regional visa changes and how they affect this visa see: Extra 1 year visa for international graduates from regional institutions

As of November 5, 2011, you must have applied for and been granted your first student visa in order to be eligible for the Post Study Work Visa.

Anyone with a student visa that was issued before November 5, 2011 is ineligible. Some of these scenarios include returning home after a semester abroad, holding a visa to study non-reward courses or English classes, and even holding a dependent student visa.

A student visa applied for on or after 5 November 2011 is still ineligible if it was applied for before to this date, regardless of whether or not it has been granted.

Be aware that it’s the date you applied for the visa, not the date it was granted, that’s crucial.

If you made a student visa application prior to 5 November 2011 but it was not approved (eg due to refusal or because you withdrew your application), then you may still be eligible.

AUSTRALIAN STUDY REQUIREMENTS Courses must last at least two academic years in order to be eligible for the programme. Numerous conditions must be met, including:

  • There is a 2-year minimum for study at the undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels only.
  • The studies must be registered on CRICOS, and the total registered study length must be at least 92 weeks, according to CRICOS.
  • While studying abroad, you could be penalised for not meeting the 92-week threshold if you have exemptions owing to those studies.
  • For each course that fits the following criteria and results in 2 academic years of study, you may count more than one.
  • Taking a break between classes is an option.

In order to apply for a 485 visa, you’ll need to demonstrate your English language proficiency.

This can be demonstrated in a variety of ways, including:

  • Have a passport from the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United States, Canada, or New Zealand.
  • IELTS (general training or academic): total average of 6 and at least 5 in each band.
  • A pass in each band on the Occupational English Test (OET).
  • There is a minimum of 36 points in each band in Pearson (PTE Academic).
  • A total score of 64 on the TOEFL iBT (Internet Based Test) is required, with a minimum of 4 in Listening and Reading, as well as a minimum of 14 in Writing and Speaking.
  • Cambridge (CAE): 169 overall average with at least 154 in each band.

As soon as you are granted a 485 visa, you will be required to provide proof that you have proper health insurance. A 485 visa can be approved with OSHC (Overseas Student Health Coverage), which is acceptable at the time of the visa application.

A valid Working Visa is required for the duration of your 485 visa. In the event that you do not maintain this level of coverage, your 485 visa may be revoked.


For a 485 visa, you will be required to undergo medical examinations.

Some of these medicals may be valid if you’ve recently requested an extension of your student visa.

POLICE CHECKS The Australian Federal Police (AFP) check is required for you and any family members who are 16 or older. Before submitting your 485 visa, you must apply for the AFP checks.
In order to apply for a 485 visa, you must do so within six months after completing your Australian studies. To apply, you must have a student visa or have held a student visa within the last six months. Aside from that, the 485 application must be submitted before your student visa expires or, at the very least, you must have applied for a new visa and be on a bridging A or B visa when it is submitted.

When you apply for a 485 visa, you will typically receive a Bridging A visa, which allows you to remain in Australia while your 485 visa application is processed.

Assembling a visa gives you the right to work. A bridging visa’s work privileges will kick in when the substantive one expires, even if you were on a student visa when you applied for your 485.

If you leave Australia, your Bridging A visa may be revoked.
For those who wish to travel while they wait for a decision on their 485 visa, a Bridging Visa B can be obtained.